Humor & More

Ape Not Monkey

The science vs. religion comic strip.

Betty Bowers

“America’s Best Christian” (satire)

Brick Testament

The stories of the Bible told with Lego® characters.

Jesus and Mo

A weekly comic strip, dealing in religious satire.

Mr. Deity

Mr. Deity is a series of satirical short films that parody aspects of religion, created by Brian Keith Dalton and distributed by Lazy Eye Pictures.

Project Steve

NCSE’s “Project Steve” is a tongue-in-cheek parody of a long-standing creationist tradition of amassing lists of “scientists who doubt evolution” or “scientists who dissent from Darwinism.”

Sam Singleton

Atheist evangelist.



The Church of the Apathetic Agnostic

Their motto is “We don’t know and we don’t care.”

Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

“Some claim that the church is purely a thought experiment, satire, illustrating that Intelligent Design is not science, but rather a pseudoscience manufactured by Christians to push Creationism into public schools. These people are mistaken. The Church of FSM is real, totally legit, and backed by hard science. Anything that comes across as humor or satire is purely coincidental.” (parody religion)

Church of the SubGenius

A parody religion focused on the prophet salesman J. R. “Bob” Dobbs.

The Church of Reality

The Church of Reality is a religion based on the practice of Realism, which is a dedication to the pursuit of the understanding of objective reality. Our motto is, “If it’s real, we believe in it.” Since no one knows all of reality, the Church of Reality is a religious commitment to the pursuit of reality the way it really is.


Come join the slowest-growing religion in the world – Dudeism.

The First Atheist Church of True Science

“We are a religious organization that finds the evidence of any supernatural being to be woefully inadequate.”

Landover Baptist Church

“Where the worthwhile worship. Unsaved unwelcome.” (religious satire)

Temple of the Invisible Pink Unicorn

“The Invisible Pink Unicorns is a being of great spiritual power. We know this because she is capable of being invisible and pink at the same time. Like all religions, the Faith of the Invisible Pink Unicorn is based upon both logic and faith. We have faith that she is pink; we logically know that she is invisible because we can’t see her. (parody religion)