Below is a partial list of international organizations.

Atheist Alliance International

Atheist Alliance International (AAI) is a global federation of atheist and freethought groups and individuals, committed to educating its members and the public about atheism, secularism and related issues.

The European Humanist Federation

The European Humanist Federation is the largest umbrella organisation of humanist associations in Europe, promoting a secular Europe, defending equal treatment of everyone regardless of religion or belief, fighting religious conservatism and privilege in Europe and at the EU level.

Global Secular Humanist Movement

The Global Secular Humanist Movement is a social movement that aims to promote public understanding and acknowledgment of the secular humanistic worldview, including economical freedom, equal individual rights and acceptance for people who hold it.

International Humanist and Ethical Union

Founded in Amsterdam in 1952, International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) is the sole world umbrella organisation embracing Humanist, atheist, rationalist, secularist, skeptic, laique, ethical cultural, freethought and similar organisations world-wide.

International League of Humanists

International League of Humanists was established with intention and wishes to resolve numerous peace related issues. The goal and objectives of the ILH are to realize plans related to peace all over the world in its full meaning.

Rationalist International

Rationalist International is a forum for rationalist ideas and positions of world-wide concern. It aims at representing the rationalist view where public opinion is formed and making the voice of reason heard and considered, where decisions are taken which will shape our future.

Sunday Assembly

The Sunday Assembly is a godless congregation that celebrates life. Their motto: live better, help often, wonder more. Their mission: to help everyone find and fulfill their full potential. Their vision: a godless congregation in every town, city and village that wants one.



Afghans Atheists Organization

The Afghans Atheists Organization is an affiliate of Atheist Alliance International.




The “Civil Association of Atheists in Argentina, ArgAtea” is an organization promoting freedom of thought, democratic values ​​and tolerance, and the implementation of secular values ​​in society.



The Atheist Foundation of Australia

The Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc began in South Australia in 1970 when the members of the Rationalist Association of SA decided that a name change would proclaim their basic philosophy, which began in Greece 2500 years ago.

Progressive Atheists

Progressive Atheists’ goal is the transformation of our society through the unity of its peoples in active opposition to: Religion, Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Economic Class Exploitation, Age discrimination and all other forms of oppression and discrimination.

The Rationalist Society of Australia

The Rationalist Society of Australia is the oldest freethought group in Australia, promoting reason since 1906.

Secular Party of Australia

An Australian political party.




The Brazilian Association of Atheists and Agnostics. Brazilian Association of Atheists and Agnostics aims to join atheists and agnostics, defending their interests and rights, throughout the national territory, as well as in independent countries or states where the Brazilian State has diplomatic representation.

LiHS – Liga Humanista Secular do Brasil

The Secular Humanist League of Brazil is an affiliate of Atheist Alliance International.



Humanist Canada

Humanist Canada (also known as HC or the Humanist Association of Canada) is a national not-for-profit charitable organization promoting the separation of religion from public policy and fostering the development of reason, compassion and critical thinking for all Canadians through secular education and community support.

Centre for Inquiry Canada

Centre for Inquiry Canada is a registered educational charity with a mandate to promote the values of reason, science and freedom of inquiry. They are a community of freethinking people who put on events, workshops, conferences and work as activists to promote evidence based reasoning in Canada and abroad.

Canadian Secular Alliance

The Canadian Secular Alliance is a non-profit, public policy think-tank advancing church-state separation and the neutrality of government in matters of religion. We seek to represent all Canadians, religious and non-religious alike, who believe that the Canadian government should adopt public policies consistent with a secular state.

Secular Connexion Séculaire

Secular Connexion Séculaire (SCS) is a national Humanist organization dedicated to facilitating communication and dialogue among Canadian Humanists, to advocating for Humanist rights including Open Secularism in Canada, and to communicating Canadian Humanist values to the world.



Asociación de Ateos y Agnósticos del Atlántico

The atheists and agnostics ASSOCIATION ATLANTIC is a group of people that seeks to promote critical thinking and rational in the Colombian population, whose pillars are science and secular humanism.

Asociación de Ateos y Agnósticos de Bogotá

This is Colombia’s second Atheist organization. It’s based on Reason and Science and promotes critical thinking, all while standing up for secularism.



Center for Civil Courage

The Center for Civil Courage is a feminist & irreligious association in Croatia.



Civic Association of Atheists – Czech Republic

The Civic Association of Atheists represents Czech atheism abroad and promotes the principles of a secular society.



Civil Egypt Movement

The Civil Egypt Movement advocates for a secular government in Egypt.




Ateistiskselskab is an activist atheistic society in Denmark affiliated with Atheist Alliance International.



Atheist Association of Finland

The Atheist Association of Finland is an interest group of atheists of Finland.

Vapaa ajattelijat

This is a “Freethinkers Association” with member associations principally engaged in grassroots efforts on behalf of secularism.



Gambia Secular Assembly

The Gambia Secular Assembly is registered not-for-profit secular humanist membership umbrella organization in Gambia.




The International Federation of the Non-Religious and Atheists is an affiliate of Atheist Alliance International.

Giordano Bruno Foundation

The Giordano Bruno Foundation is committed to the values ​​of humanism and the enlightenment.

Humanistischer Verband Deutschlands

Humanist Association of Germany.


BundesJuHu represents the interests of humanistic children, adolescents and young adults as well as the common interests of the affiliated member organizations in public.



Atheist Union of Greece

The Atheist Union of Greece is an affiliate of Atheist Alliance International.

Humanist Union of Greece

The Humanist Union of Greece represents Humanists in Greece.




The Icelandic Ethical Humanist Association.



Indian Rationalist Association

India’s largest rationalist organisation. Founded in 1949. The Indian Rationalist Association fights for scientific temper, secularism, freedom of thought and expression. It defends reason and science. It exposes superstition, blind belief, obscurantism, paranormal claims caste-based social divisions and guru-politics nexus. It strives for a post-religious society.

Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations

The Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations (FIRA) is an umbrella body of more than 75 rationalist, atheist, skeptic, secularist and science organisations in India.

Indian Skeptic

The Indian Committee for Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal.

Atheist Centre

Atheist Centre is actively engaged in Secular Social Work activities for comprehensive rural development and rendering assistance to the people to develop an alternate way of life on secular and humanist lines.

Bihar Buddhiwadi Samaj

Bihar Buddhiwadi Samaj is a non-profit, educational membership-society for promoting rationalism, humanism, atheism and secularism.

Buddhiwadi Foundation

A registered, non-profit, educational trust for promoting rationalism-humanism and for eradicating blind faith and superstition.



Indonesian Atheists

Indonesian Atheists was founded as an online facebook community group in Oct 2008, which by now has grown to more than 700 members. It is an affiliate of Atheist Alliance International and IHEU.



Iranian Atheists Association

The mission of the Iranian Atheists Association is to raise attention to the existence of apostasy, ethnic groups and specially the existence of atheists in Iran.



Atheist Ireland

Atheist Ireland promotes atheism, reason, and an ethical, secular state. It also promotes the Teach, Dont Preach campaign for a secular Irish education system based on human rights law.

The Humanist Association of Ireland

The Humanist Association of Ireland (HAI) is a national organisation that promotes the ideals and values of Humanism, working for people who choose to live an ethical life without religion.


The Humanist Association of Northern Ireland.

The Secular Society

Ireland’s Youth-Led Secular Movement, respecting those of all faith and none.




Hofesh is an affiliate of Atheist Alliance International in Israel.

Tomorrow Israel

Tomorrow Israel is an affiliate of Atheist Alliance International in Israel.

Israeli Atheists Association R.A.

The Israeli Atheists Association represents atheists in Israel.



The Union of Rationalist Atheists and Agnostics

The Union of Rationalist Atheists and Agnostics (Unione degli Atei e degli Agnostici Razionalisti, UAAR) is the only nationwide association of atheists and agnostics in Italy.



Freethought Lebanon

Freethought Lebanon is an affiliate of Atheist Alliance International.



Malta Humanist Association

The Malta Humanist Association is an organisation for humanists in Malta.



Atheistisch Verbond

Atheistisch Verbond is an affiliate of Atheist Alliance International in the Netherlands.



The Humanist Society of New Zealand

The Humanist Society of New Zealand (Inc) is an organisation that promotes Humanist philosophy and ideals. It meets in Wellington with members throughout New Zealand, and is affiliated internationally to the IHEU and the United Nations Association of NZ. The Society is incorporated in New Zealand.

The New Zealand Association of Rationalists & Humanists Inc.

The New Zealand Association of Rationalists & Humanists Inc. (NZARH) is a not-for-profit organisation that exists to serve the interests of the non-religious; those who do not have a belief in gods or the supernatural.

New Zealand Skeptics

The New Zealand Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal.



Nigerian Humanist Movement

The Nigerian Humanist Movement was founded in 1996 to promote Humanism, defend secularism and provide a sense of community to all non-religious and freethinking Nigerians – atheists, skeptics, rationalists, agnostics and freethinkers.




Hedningsamfunnet is an affiliate of Atheist Alliance International in Norway.

The Norwegian Humanist Association

The Norwegian Humanist Association is an organization for people who base their ethics on human values.

Norwegian Heathen Society

The Norwegian Heathen Society is a humanist antireligious liberation movement.



Atheist & Agnostic Alliance Pakistan

Atheist & Agnostic Alliance Pakistan (AAAP) is a federation of atheist and freethought groups and individuals, committed to educating its members and the public about atheism, secularism and related issues. AAAP’s vision is a secular Pakistan where public policy, scientific inquiry and education are not influenced by religious beliefs, but based upon sound reasoning, rationality and evidence.AAAP’s mission is to challenge and confront religious faith, to strengthen atheism by promoting the growth and interaction of atheist/freethinkers in Pakistan.

Pakistani Atheists & Agnostics

Pakistani Atheists & Agnostics is an affiliate of Atheist Alliance International.



Filipino Freethinkers

Filipino Freethinkers is the largest and most active organization for freethought in the Philippines.


Humanist Alliance Philippines, International is a not for profit community of progressive secular humanists from all over the world, united together with common goals for the greater good of humanity, working on an international basis but with primary focus on the Philippines as the beneficiary of its services. It promotes secular humanism as a radical philosophy that postulates that human beings are able to be ethical and principled even without the supernatural.

The Philippine Atheists and Agnostics Society

The Philippine Atheists and Agnostics Society is a trailblazer of critical thinking, free thought and scientific inquiry in the Philippines. With its monthly activities, the organization acts to make atheism and agnosticism known to Filipino society. They believe that every Filipino atheist and agnostic is a Promethean citizen, taking its social responsibility in line with secularism and public understanding of science.



Society of Modern Atheism and Humanism

The Society of Modern Atheism and Humanism is a society for atheism and humanism in Russia.



Ateisti Srbije

Ateisti Srbije represents Atheists in Serbia.

Sekularna inicijativa

Sekularna inicijativa is a secular inititive in Serbia.



Association of South African Humanists

The Association of South African Humanists promotes the philosophical and ethical stance of Humanism which emphasizes the value and agency of human beings, individually and collectively, and generally prefers critical thinking and evidence (rationalism, empiricism) over established doctrine or faith (fideism). It also promotes the separation of government and religion and focuses on discussions about how to bring about a change in attitude within society, from the leftovers of a theocracy to one based on critically-defined values.

Free Society Institute

The FSI is a South African non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting free speech, free thought and scientific reasoning. They are advocates for the values of secular humanism.



Iniciativa Atea

The main objective of Iniciativa Atea is to promote secularism and rational thought, through participation and collaboration of people with similar goals. Iniciativa Atea is an affiliate of Atheist Alliance International.



The Swedish Humanist Association

The Swedish Humanist Association (Swedish: Humanisterna, “the Humanists”) is the largest humanist/rationalist organisation in Sweden.



Trinidad and Tobago Humanist Association

A Humanist association in Trinidad and Tobago.



Atheism Society

The center will provide legal support to local atheists who need the help.




HALEA is a humanist organization whose mission is to promote a tolerant, responsible and open society in which the oppresssed and minorities are equally heard and their aspirations are respected in order to promote human transformation through the application of reason and science.



Atheism UK

Atheism UK is Britain’s only distinctively atheist organization.

The British Humanist Association

The British Humanist Association is the national charity working on behalf of non-religious people who seek to live ethical and fulfilling lives on the basis of reason and humanity.

Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association

Founded in 1979, GALHA is a democratic, membership organisation based in the UK with members worldwide, promoting Humanism and LGBT equality.

The National Federation of Atheist, Humanist and Secularist Student Societies

The AHS is an association of atheist, humanist and secular student societies facilitated and supported by the British Humanist Association (BHA).

The National Secular Society

The National Secular Society campaigns for the separation of religion and state and promotes secularism as the best means to create a society in which people of all religions or none can live together fairly and cohesively. The NSS sees secularism – the position that the state should be separate from religion – as an essential element in promoting equality between all citizens.

The Humanist Society of Scotland

The Humanist Society of Scotland was formed in 1989 in response to a rising demand for a nationwide Scottish organisation that was open to all.

Rationalist Association

The Rationalist Association, a 125-year-old charity dedicated to reason, science & secularism.

Scottish Secular Society

The Scottish Secular Society is “Scotland’s largest secular group.”

United Kingdom Armed Forces Humanist Association

The UK Armed Forces Humanist Association (UKAFHA) is a growing body of servicemen and women, their Families, Veterans and civilian members of the Ministry of Defence who seek to represent the interests of all those who subscribe to non-religious beliefs.