Compass 120 Apparel

Compass 120 Apparel is an apparel and design company which tailors its clothing and accessories specifically towards the free-thought community.

Darwin Fish Store

For everything Darwin.

Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster Offical Store

The official store of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.


We are EvolveFISH (Freethinkers in Service to Humanity)! Representing Atheists, Humanists, Scientists, Skeptics, People of Reason and a vision of the future that is brighter for all people! Our goal is to counter the destructive aspects of religious zealotry and rampant unreason. We seek to peddle rationality and promote peace. Our products are great to start conversations, find like minded friends, flag fellow freethinkers and even tip off another atheist in the office or at school to find out that you are NOT alone!

Reasonist Products

Our goal is to create a social epidemic of reason. T-shirts are our vehicle for change. We believe in the power of apparel to help elicit a greater appreciation for secular values and to push back against religious bullies. Humanity is being threatened through the dangers of faith-based thinking. It is high time for a change!

Richard Dawkins Foundation Online Store

Combating scientific illiteracy & the stigma surrounding nonbelief.

Ring of Fire Enterprises

For the independantly-minded individual.